Mobile filling hopper (for all types of presses)

The filling hopper made entirely of stainless steel from Willmes is the ideal solution for gentle filling of your press via the door opening using Euroboxes and rotating assembly.

The hopper unit allows extremely short set-up times and hygienic working due to precise adjustability. The new manual lifting and lowering mechanism of the rollable hopper unit replaces the time-consuming installation and lifting of the hopper with the forklift and allows perfect adaptation to all press types. Due to the precise adjustability you do not need any aprons at the hopper outlet, therefore contamination and germs are avoided. The ladder integrated in the hopper frame is very practical for convenient visual inspection of the filling level.
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Flexible system on wheels – The hopper can be installed on the press without a forklift.

Balanced lifting mechanism – It allows simple manual lifting of the hopper in order to be able to safely rotate the compact in between.

Telescopic arms – The hopper can be optimally adjusted to the press height and the desired filling angle. Willmes offers the universal solution for all press types.

Insert plates – To prevent the hopper from overflowing even during rapid filling, limiting plates can optionally be attached to two sides of the hopper.

Integrated ladders – Willmes is the only supplier of filling hoppers to offer a permanently installed ladder on the hopper frame for convenient visual inspection of the filling level.

Modular system – The hopper and frame can be disassembled into individual parts for easy transport and space-saving storage.

Dimensions: (210cm x 290cm x 154cm)

Weight: circa 480kg


Willmes Smart Interface

Perfect monitoring and evaluation of your pressing processes – from any location.
Via the home network connection, current and historical press data are transmitted to the computer via the SMART interface. There, programs can be monitored, analysed, changed as required and reloaded to free memory locations of the press for future pressing. Any faults are also forwarded to mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets via the in-house email server via push service. Real-time data transmission allows convenient monitoring of pressing processes and ensures safety even far away from the press.
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Time saving
The permanent presence at the press is no longer necessary. In a worst-case scenario, immediate notification of any faults can be given at short notice.

Complete documentation of your press data
The press data is stored on the PC connected via network and can be visualised and evaluated with the help of pre-programmed Excel sheets. By documenting the press data, it is possible to fall back on knowledge already gained and to adapt future pressings as required.

In the event of absence, the user is immediately notified via push service on the smartphone, tablet or PC of any faults in the current press program, such as a lack of compressed air or a full juice pan.

WILLMES – Optional self-cleaning program

The Willmes software option “Cleaning with blown membrane” for your Sigma press makes daily cleaning of the press interior faster, more efficient and more economical.

Blow on the membrane – fill in the water – let it rotate – empty it – this intermediate cleaning process of the press only takes 10 minutes and will make climbing into the press body unnecessary. All cleaning parameters can be freely selected by the user. When cleaning begins, the press diaphragm is automatically blown on to a maximum of 20 mbar. The amount of cleaning water required is only 2.5 % of the tank volume and filling can be carried out conveniently via the lid opening.
Deep cleaning with chemical cleaning agents can also be carried out easily with the automatic cleaning program.
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Time saving
By blowing on the diaphragm, it is smoothed without wrinkles – residues are simply washed away by the cleaning water – time-consuming reworking is no longer necessary.

Fixed defined water quantity
The cleaning program works economically because it saves a lot of water compared to manual cleaning.

Automated cleaning
The program runs fully automatically after the start.

Customisable program
Pressure state of the diaphragm, rotational frequency and cleaning time are freely adjustable by the user.

Hygienic cleaning with cleaning agents
For disinfection, a cleaning agent can also be added to the cleaning water.

Compatible with all Sigma presses
Retrofitting possible at any time.

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