2nd-Hand Presses

Europress EHT 4000

Reference number: EHT 4000

EHT 4000, year of manufacture 1998, serial no. 989015, completely in stainless steel, original SPS control and panel (Scharfenberger), sliding juice tray, internal compressor, new pressing membrane, axial filling with ball valve DN 100, filling opening (door) in direction to axial filling side. The press has been revised in factory and is in very good condition.
Warranty: 1 year

27.000,00 €
22.950,00 €


Reference number: WUP30177

WUP 3000, year of manufacture 1984 Completely in painted steel, control Realis, juice draining through the doors (with screen), membrane changed year 2013, with compressor, without factory warranty. The press is working, but will not be revised.

5647,00 €
4.800,00 €

Sigma Uni, Masch.Nr. S7065

Reference number: S7065

SIGMA UNI, year of manufacture 2018, trial press complete in stainless steel – with flexible juice drains FLEXIDRAIN – with must pump control – with software programs Rocking, maceration and cleaning

45882,00 €
39.000,00 €